DIY, Affordable Dry Erase Board

Whoa!  Dry erase boards are PRICEY!!  Especially large dry erase boards.  Which is what we needed for our garage gym.  Because, let’s be real, any self-respecting Crossfit gym needs a big ol’ dry erase board to track stats on benchmark WODs.  😉  I figured it was time our garage gym was outfitted with one of these boards, so I started doing some research.  I was completely floored by the prices!  Let me put it this way… to purchase the size board I ended up making would have cost $239 at one of the big box office stores.  Yes, $239!!!  And that’s not for some fancy schmancy “Smart” board.  No, that’s just for an erasable board that nails to the wall.

If we drop that kind of money into the gym, we’re getting a rower or a GHD.  So, in need of a cheaper alternative, I started doing some internet research.  Turns out, there’s a material called panelboard (or showerboard) that has the same properties as dry erase boards.  Skeptical, I headed out to the nearest home improvement store with a dry erase marker in my pocket.  I made my way to the paneling aisle, and sure enough, there was a panel of something that looked just like a dry erase board!  Except it was only $13 bucks for a 4’x8′ panel.  I stealthily took the marker out of my pocket to test the erasability of this panelboard, and it worked like a charm!  Before I headed home with my frugal find, I had them cut it in half for me.  So I went home with two, 2’x8′ sections.

I screwed one of the 2’x8′ sections of panelboard onto the wall, but I suppose that a strong adhesive would also work.  Finding those pesky studs can be a pain in the ass, so maybe adhesive would have been easier!  Once the board was attached to the wall, I used electrical tape to divide the board into sections. A different section for each benchmark WOD.  Here’s what it looked like prior to the frame.


Next, I framed it out with some 1″x3″ pine boards.  Painted green, of course, to match the accent color of our gym.  🙂  And started to fill in some of the Benchmark Girls and lifts that we’ll want to track on our board.  We plan to use a portion of the other 2’x8′ section for a Workout of the Day board.

I got the panelboard, electrical tape, and framing materials for a grand total of $24.  And it works amazingly well!

DSC_0004 DSC_0011

2 thoughts on “DIY, Affordable Dry Erase Board

  1. Ahhh DINKs-my wife and I remember those days–sigh. Great post. Yep, garage gyms can certainly be outfitted on the cheap-I recently put up a pull-up bar made out of some pipe from a big box store-works just fine for about $20 or so. Thanks for sharing the tip about the dry erase board. Happy lifting!

    1. That’s a fantastic idea about the pull-up bar made from pipe! I’ve been wanting to add another pull-up bar with more head clearance. Now you’ve got me thinking… 🙂

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