Cable Supports for Floating Ledge

photo 1We have this floating ledge feature in our living room.  It’s cantilevered into the wall behind it.  Awesome, right?  Except it was sagging more and more each day.  For something to be fully supported (without legs or supports) by cantilevering, the rule of thumb is something like 4-6″ of support into the wall for every 12″ of floating ledge.  The problem with our ledge is that it’s 36″ wide, but only cantilevered into the wall about 9″.  Not nearly enough.

Since a sagging, angled “floating” ledge is nowhere near as awesome as a leveled floating ledge, we decided to solve this problem.  We have cable railings on our staircases, and thought it would be a nice tie-in if we used the same cable for the ledge supports.  We called the company that did our staircase handrails to get a quote.  They quoted $430 for this project.  I politely thanked them for their time and hung up the phone.  That’s absurd!  A quick trip to Home Depot, and we had everything we needed to do the project for $40.  NOTE: When it comes to cable railing, not all big box home improvement stores are the same!  Lowes does not have nearly the same selection of cable components that Home Depot does.

This project had 3 simple steps.  First, we used jacks to make the ledge level.  Then, we drilled the eye bolts into the wall and into the top of the ledge.  Lastly, was assembled the cable components using the turnbuckles and clamp sets.  We decided against using the ferrule stops, because that seemed like a more permanent option.  The clamp sets are nice because you can just unscrew them to move them around or reposition them (like we did about a million times).

And that’s all there is to it!  While anxiously holding our breath, we removed the jacks and retested level.  It was good!  A perfectly leveled floating ledge with adequate support.

NOTE: These cable components are weight rated for 300 pounds.  That’s sufficient for the ledge itself… but if we have a party and people decide to turn this floating ledge into a bench, it might need some more support.  I’m thinking about adding some fold-up legs that we can just pull down when we have company over.

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