Spare Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to spare TP holders, I can’t help but conjure up images of old, crocheted roll covers with lots of frill and lace.  You know the kind I’m talking about – there’s probably one sitting on the back of your parents or grandparents toilet right now.  There’s nothing wrong with them, and if that style fits your decor, then more power to you!  For our house, however, we needed more of an industrial-looking TP holder that would fit in with our modern decor.I’m all gaga over metal pipe right now, and have been trying to brainstorm different projects where I could incorporate it.  Turns out, we’re having a fairly large shin-dig at our house next weekend, so I’ve been focused on tidying up lots of odds and ends around the house – such as spare TP holders.  I figured “what the heck!”  Seems as legit a use for metal pipe as any!

To construct our spare TP holder, I used 1/2″ pipe.  I bought the black pipe because it’s cheaper, and I was planning to spray paint it anyway.  But, if you want to bypass the spray painting step, you could just splurge for the galvanized metal pipe.  See the picture below for all the pieces and parts.

Pipe TP Holder

Once assembled, I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Bright Coat, Metallic Finish (Chrome).  I chose this color so that it would match the chrome fixtures in our bathroom.  I let the spray paint dry overnight, and then I screwed the floor flange into the wall, and voila!  (Somewhat) instant spare TP holder!


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