Metal Pipe Coat Hanger

We have some pretty useless dead space at the entryway of our house.  It’s a little niche – narrow and long.  We’ve been trying to decide what to do with this awkward space.  Since we converted the coat closet at our entryway into a “media control room,” we realized we needed a place for guests to hang their coats when they came to the house.  We looked all over for a coat tree/coat rack that we liked, but no luck.  So we decided to get creative!  We loved our Metal Pipe TP Holder so much, we decided to continue that concept into the entryway.

This was such a great, simple project that provided a good solution to our entryway dilemma! How to recreate this coat rack?  Just 4 simple steps!!

1) Purchase all necessary supplies:  Length of metal pipe (5′ or shorter… otherwise there will be sagging in the middle), 2 floor flanges, 2 90° elbows, curtain rod hooks with clips, spray paint (optional).  We used 1/2″ pipe and components, but this can vary based on the needs of your project.

2) Assemble the floor flanges, 90° elbows, and metal pipe as pictured below (remember to thread the curtain rod hooks onto the pipe before attaching the 90° elbows!)

3) Spray paint the entire assembly (optional)

4) Grab a level, and screw the floor flanges into the wall (if you don’t hit studs, remember to use good drywall anchors!  coats can be heavy!)



Metal Pipe Coat Rack Metal Pipe Coat Rack


That’s it!  Simple, right? 🙂


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