DIY Restoration Hardware Bardenas Table

A lot of our project inspiration comes from Restoration Hardware.  Let’s face it, RH’s furniture is jaw-dropping gorgeous, but a wee little bit pricey.  Ok… it’s way pricey.  Take this outdoor dining table, for instance.  Pretty, right?  Yep, we thought so, too.  But at $4,075 (for just the table!) it was a bit out of our budget.  So, being the DIY’ers that we are, we decided to make our own version of the Restoration Hardware Bardenas table.

The actual Bardenas table (pic on the left) is made with 4×6 Teak beams.  Beams of that size (that aren’t pressure treated!) aren’t readily available to the average DIY’er.  So, we made our own “beams” by glueing together 2, 2×6’s.  A lot of glue, and some good clamps, and you can hardly tell that these “beams” are really 2 boards!  Here’s a pic of the glue-up phase (try to ignore the messy glue that I forgot to wipe off these boards).


We created chunky legs by glueing 2, 2×10’s together, to create the appearance of a 4×10 beam.  See how we were able to match up the grain patterns?  Almost imperceptible that this “beam” is really 2 boards glued together, right??


We used 2×6 boards for the aprons, and we stained and poly’d everything prior to assembly, using a layering technique of Minwax Whitewash and Minwax Jacobean. (yes, it’s hard to believe, but the combination of Whitewash and Jacobean does create this greyish color!)  Assembly was relatively simple with the Kreg Heavy Duty pocket hole tool.  I’m afraid this isn’t a “how-to” blog, as I was a very bad blogger, and failed to take good pictures at the various steps of assembly.  But, here are some pictures of the final, assembled table and benches.  You can see that we used threaded, steel rods with spacers (metal washers) between each beam to help maintain the shape and spacing of the beams over time.  Since we used “normal” pine wood, we were a bit afraid of bowing and warping over time, but the spacers and rods should hold everything nicely into place.


And how about those adorable, little benches??  They really might be the cutest things I’ve ever seen!  Other than these two, of course…

img_6746 Ridiculous, right????

Anyway, here are more photos of the finished project on our back porch.  As you can probably imagine, this table weighs around 9,000 pounds.  (that’s only a slight exaggeration).  I truly hope our builder used enough reinforcement on our back patio, or the entire thing might just cave under the weight of this table one day!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It might not be the RH Bardenas table, but for just a few hundred bucks in lumber, wood glue & metal rods, I think it’ll suffice!

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