Outdoor Sofa

We had some leftover “beams” from our DIY Restoration Hardware Bardenas table, and figured we’d put them to good use by making a matching sofa for the patio.  DIY furniture is the best, because you can customize everything.  For instance, we knew we wanted a sofa on our back patio, but we didn’t have much space.  And most of the outdoor sofas for sale are either very small (more like loveseats) or very large (more like sectionals).  We were able to build this sofa to the exact dimensions we needed.

Another important point is to always, ALWAYS purchase your cushions first when building your own furniture.  That way, you can build your furniture to fit the cushions perfectly.  Otherwise, you might be hard-pressed to find cushions that fit exactly AND are comfortable.  We purchased these cushions from Home Decorators Collection.

The actual assembly of this sofa was very simple, using a Kreg HD jig to connect the “beams” and brackets to connect the beams to the bottom of the sofa.  And we put some  locking casters on the bottom so that we could move the sofa easily.




Truth be told, it’s really just become a gigantic dog bed.


But, the table and couch match very well, and look great on the back patio!  Here’s a picture where you can see both together (and, yep, Lucy is still on the sofa!).


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