Master Bedroom Remodel

Susan and I have this dream of buying a fixer-upper and rehabbing it one day.  I think this master bedroom remodel project was a good way to get our feet wet before for a much larger, whole-house project.  Before the remodel, our bedroom was tiered.  As you can see in the pictures below, we had the main tier where the bed was, and then a lower tier where we had my dresser and a dog bed (i.e., Restoration Hardware bean bag -yes, our dogs are spoiled).  It was awkward.  Walking up and down 4 steps just to access my dresser.  Not to mention the wasted space!

So, when we decided to replace the carpet with laminate flooring, we figured it would be the perfect time to raise that lower tier and make the entire room feel more like one room.

The slideshow below shows the progression of the project.  We had a knee-wall attic door that we had to frame-up and drywall.  Then came the fun part – DEMOLITION!  🙂  We removed drywall to expose the studs and attach the ledger boards.  We ran the joists, supported by joist hangers, between the ledger boards (just like you would build a deck).  I don’t have pictures, but we also added 2 perpendicular supports underneath the joists (2×8’s), and perpendicular braces (2×4’s) between the joists.  My budding electrician (Susan) then raised the 4 outlets that were now below the surface of our new floor.  The subfloor sheeting went down, and we finally had one, level tier in our room!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A really neat, modern laminate and freshly painted baseboards and this looks like a completely different room!

We had so much fun with this project… I definitely think we’re ready to tackle an entire house!  🙂





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