Hi!  Welcome to MODflair!  My name’s Erin, and I’m the half of this equation on the right above.  The other (better) half is my gorgeous wife, Susan.  We’ve started this blog to chronicle our adventures in DIY.  We are both very passionate about creating, and love the idea of being able to share some of the knowledge that we’ve gained during our projects.  Neither one of us are experts or professionals in the projects that we undertake.  But we are passionately committed to doing things ourselves, and strongly believe that we can learn to do anything.

I recently bought Susan a new laptop for her birthday.  I was contemplating which model to buy… memory, hard drive, graphics display… concepts that I know essentially nothing about.  The sales guy was attempting to help me, and said he could summarize my computer need with the answer to one question: “Are we consumers or producers?”  After thinking about this question, I had to answer, “Consumers.”  We aren’t writing code or editing photos or designing graphics.  Nope.  We aren’t doing any of that cool stuff.  Just surfing the internet and writing some emails.  And I have to admit, that answer made me a little sad.  Surely we can contribute something to the world wide web, right??

It was this producer/consumer realization that motivated me to start this blog.  Susan and I have been doing projects for years.  And learning many things (often the hard way!) from these projects.  It’s time we started sharing some of this knowledge, instead of just consuming knowledge from others.  So, it’s our hope that others will stumble across this blog and learn something new, find some motivation, or just glean some small bit of information that will help on their project or endeavor.

Please drop us a note in the Contact section and enjoy the blog!

Erin & Susan

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