Spare Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to spare TP holders, I can’t help but conjure up images of old, crocheted roll covers with lots of frill and lace.  You know the kind I’m talking about – there’s probably one sitting on the back of your parents or grandparents toilet right now.  There’s nothing wrong with them, and if that style fits your decor, then more power to you!  For our house, however, we needed more of an industrial-looking TP holder that would fit in with our modern decor.Continue reading “Spare Toilet Paper Holder”

Distressed Wood Succulent Planter

I’m CRAZY about succulents.  They’re just so little and cute!  And, (supposedly) they’re virtually indestructible.  Time will tell on that one.  We wanted to create a planter for our succulents out of distressed wood.  And we wanted to do it as cheaply as possible.  So, I took inspiration from this planter found on Pinterest, and we created a succulent planter out of a 4×4 wooden beam.  Here’s how we did it… Continue reading “Distressed Wood Succulent Planter”

Cable Supports for Floating Ledge

photo 1We have this floating ledge feature in our living room.  It’s cantilevered into the wall behind it.  Awesome, right?  Except it was sagging more and more each day.  For something to be fully supported (without legs or supports) by cantilevering, the rule of thumb is something like 4-6″ of support into the wall for every 12″ of floating ledge.  The problem with our ledge is that it’s 36″ wide, but only cantilevered into the wall about 9″.  Not nearly enough.

Since a sagging, angled “floating” ledge is nowhere near as awesome as a leveled floating ledge, we decided to solve this problem.  We have cable railings on our staircases, and thought it would be a nice tie-in if we used the same cable for the ledge supports.  We called the company that did our staircase handrails to get a quote.  They quoted $430 for this project.  I politely thanked them for their time and hung up the phone.  That’s absurd!  A quick trip to Home Depot, and we had everything we needed to do the project for $40.  NOTE: When it comes to cable railing, not all big box home improvement stores are the same!  Lowes does not have nearly the same selection of cable components that Home Depot does.

Continue reading “Cable Supports for Floating Ledge”

DIY, Affordable Dry Erase Board

Whoa!  Dry erase boards are PRICEY!!  Especially large dry erase boards.  Which is what we needed for our garage gym.  Because, let’s be real, any self-respecting Crossfit gym needs a big ol’ dry erase board to track stats on benchmark WODs.  😉  I figured it was time our garage gym was outfitted with one of these boards, so I started doing some research.  I was completely floored by the prices!  Let me put it this way… to purchase the size board I ended up making would have cost $239 at one of the big box office stores.  Yes, $239!!!  And that’s not for some fancy schmancy “Smart” board.  No, that’s just for an erasable board that nails to the wall.Continue reading “DIY, Affordable Dry Erase Board”

Leveling the Garage Floor for Gym

Who knew that garage floors are built with slope?  This girl sure didn’t! If I had, I would have asked my builder to level the floor, and install a drain in the center (assuming, of course, that garage floors are sloped due to drainage).  But, we weren’t privy to this knowledge before construction, so now we have a garage floor with approximately 1″ of slope per 4′.  Or, 1/4″ of slope per 1′.  This doesn’t seem like much.  In fact, it’s barely perceptible with the naked eye.  HOWEVER, doing movements like back squats, box jumps, double-unders, or wall balls, and this imperceptible difference becomes all-consuming.

So, it became obvious fairly quickly that we needed to level out the garage (aka, gym) floor.  After spending about $2k on some badass Crossfit equipment, the last thing we wanted was to bastardize our WODs with a sloped floor.  The need was obvious.  The how was not. Continue reading “Leveling the Garage Floor for Gym”

DIY Reclaimed Wood

Have you ever talked about a project or planned a project for so long that it became an image in your head.  And then when you finally got around to actually completing the project, the end result was far different from that image you’d been carrying around in your head???  Well, that was this wood wall project for me.  Susan and I have been talking about this project for, oh… let’s see, at least 12 months now.  Not exaggerating. I realize that makes us sound like total procrastinators.  Which, let’s be real, is completely accurate!  But this project had some unique circumstances that put the delays out of our control.  Continue reading “DIY Reclaimed Wood”